Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Time to.....

What time is it? We ask this question many times in our life. It is asked almost exclusively of the hour . but in reading Ecclesiates 3:1-8, I wonder if we should also ask God what time is it in my life?

Is it a time to birth a new adventure or a time to let a relationship die?
Is it time to put our resources to work for others or to gather in a harvest?
Is it time to kill our evil habits and thoughts, or to heal the wounds from the past?
Is it time to tear down our pride or a time to build ourselves up in Christ?
Is it time to cry over our sins, or a time to laugh at the enemy who accuses us unjustly?
Is it time grieve over lost time and lost relationships, or is it time to embrace the dance of the new?
Is it time to dig out the burdens that get in our way, or to rearrange the obstacles into bridges for going forward to our future?
Is it time to make something or someone a part of our every day living, or time to wait, holding back for the right time to change?
Is it time seek out our future, or is it time to lose ourselves so that Gods' plan would be fulfilled?
Is it time to keep our things, thoughts, and time to ourselves or is it time to throw them out to those who wait?
Is it time to tear down walls and rip away our self protection, or is it time to sew trust in our Good and Loving God into the fabric of our lives?
Is it time to be quiet before the Lord and others so we can listen to them without prejudice, or is it a time to speak up and stand for the truth?
Is it time for us to love even the sinner, or is it time to hate the sin?
Is it time to make war on the evil that seems to oppress and overwhelm the world, or is it time to make peace with God?

It is time. It is time to do something. It is time to be someone! It is time to ask God, "What time is it? "

Oh Ancient of Days, You know all my days and You have a good plan for my life. It is only You that can tell me what time it is. It is my place to ask and want to know. Today I ask. what time is it for me Lord?
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