Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Honest Self

What did you take away? Today is Sunday and most people I know go to church and then get together with family or friends. Yesterday the women at our church gathered for a conference and one of the speakers asked us to share with someone beside us what we were taking away from the sessions.

I began writing this wondering what I took away from this mornings service. I have a few notes and certainly heard a few interesting things that I can ponder for a few days. But the one thing i keep thinking is instead of focusing on what I took away, what if I were to focus on what I could give?

Today I ran an errand for a friend, went shopping with my daughter to help her choose materials for a throw she wants to make, complimented my husband and prayed for my family. I visited with friends and gave lots of hugs. I gave God praise and thanksgiving for all He does to delight me. I shared my real self with others.

I once read that Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood fame once said that the greatest gift you can give is your honest self. I tend to think that is true because I love receiving that gift from others. sometimes it is hard to give that gift but even in the difficult moments of opening up to a friend I find that I offer it wrapped in joy, the joy of knowing I am giving the best I can give.

Father, I want to give You my honest self too. You have already given me your honest self and I am blessed that You did! Thank You for Your gift. Continue to help me offer my honest self to others.
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