Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Am All In

Jesus is not only my Savior but also my Lord. It has been this way for a long while and I think that I have tried my best to let Him have complete Lordship over my life.

Lately, I read a story that made me re-examine my surrender to God. Is it complete surrender, or are there areas of my life that I hold back and keep for myself? My examination has been revealing in that I am seeing in myself things I really never saw before. It begins with my relationship to others.

I hold back on friendships and even with my dear husband. It isn't that I set out to hold back, I just do and then regret my failure to love fully. The question arises that if i hold back on them am I holding back on God too?

I consider my quest for character an indication that I have not yet arrived at the place of complete surrender. To trust and believe in such a deep and "All In" way takes courage, not fear; truth, not lies. I hold in my heart a mixture of all.

The only offering I can give friends, Patrick and God is my " I do" to our relationships. I do give myself. I do believe. I do trust. I do commit to us. I withhold nothing.

God, I believe. Help my unbelief! Reveal Yourself to me so that I may trust You with all I am and all I have! I am all in!

(Thanks to Chip Ingram and Erwin McManus for their teaching and insight that challenges me to examine my life in the light of scripture.)
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