Monday, June 29, 2009

What Has Changed?

Selling fireworks is very interesting as we talk to the people strolling through the tent and trying to decide what they want to buy.

One of the frequent comments we hear from adults is how we as children had access to more fireworks than we do now. It is difficult to tell our customers that it is all too easy to loose the right to set off our own fireworks. Why? What has made the difference between what we so freely enjoyed in the old days, and what we are limited to now?

My answer needs to be self control. When we control our actions, and do unto others as we would have them do to us, we do not need our city, county, state, or national governments to control us by petty laws. Without self control we may feel free for the time being, but certainly will be oppressed by our neighbor whose rights and personal space we have invaded. This is true not only just for fireworks but in every part of our lives.

Free speech without self control can become a heated argument instead of a discussion of issues.

Freedom of expression without self control can become vulgar instead of an enlightened understanding of true beauty.

Free enterprise without self control becomes greedy, selfish, and manipulative instead of a team effort to provide and protect our resources and people.

I could go on but maybe you can see the picture I am trying to paint for you. Self control is lacking in our world. We would be wise to check our individual lives to see if we have lost self control and need to be held accountable to the authority.

Father, Giver of the Holy Spirit that lives within me, I ask Your forgiveness for the times I have been out of control and letting the world persuade me to follow instead of lead. I need Your Spirit to teach me self control and to rein in my worldly passions. I pray also for our country. May we have a change of heart. May we turn back to You and find Your ways to be freeing as we gain self control.
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