Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love God!

I have been wrestling with God lately. It is not always a pleasant experience but always results in blessing.

I know one thing about God. He always gives me everything I need to understand and to "Come out on top," so to speak. Today was no exception.

As I wrestled with God today over issues in my life, He brought help by way of Beth Moore. She does a teaching every Wednesday on James Robinsons' show. Today she was beginning a series about wrestling with God. I was surprised but then laughed with joy over His loving preparation for my need! I am committed , like Jacob, to not let God go till He blesses me! (Even if it means my stubborn will breaks.)

Lord, bless me as I have never before known blessing! Your love and provision for me prove that You will win, but in Your victory I , too, will reap great rewards! Thank You! I love You I rejoice in You! you are my delight and Enough!
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