Friday, February 13, 2009


What do you expect from your loved ones on Valentines' Day? do you anticipate a romantic day filled with sweet words, scents and tastes? Or is your anticipation on of disappointments and loneliness?

The good news is that if you have the right attitude neither of the extremes will be your Valentine holiday. I say it is good news because February 14th is just another beautiful day given to us to love one another, but our love is not the fading love of notes, flowers and candies. It is the everlasting love of God. when we are part of the body of Christ our standard of loneliness is not the same as the world. We can celebrate a love holiday even if we do not have a "significant other. "

BTW who really wants to be or to have a "significant other?" I'd much rather have a friend, a honey, a lover, or some other tender hearted and touching title.

The bottom line is that whoever you meet tomorrow, you can share the love that is in your heart with them. February 14th is your day to offer love because you have been given the greatest of love in Christ Jesus!

Happy Valentines' Day!
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