Friday, February 6, 2009


Re-gifting can sometimes seem rude and sneaky. Maybe it is, but there are times when re-gifting means a lot to the giver and the receiver.

A couple of years ago I attended a women's Christmas party where the hostess asked everyone to bring a gift that means something to them to re-gift to someone in the group. We were to be prepared to share the story of the gift. How did we get it? If it was a gift , who was the first giver? etc. She explained that we all have many things that we keep because of sentimental value but we do not use for one reason or another. Why not give it to someone else who may appreciate the gift and the story behind it.

This year I've been looking around my house and in my jewelry box to see what I can thoughtfully re-gift. It is like shopping in my own home! Sometimes I need to do some digging but when you are looking for treasure digging is where you start!

I have decided to start small this year. I have chosen two people to whom I want to re-gift. Maybe next year I can find something for all my children as well!

The thoughtful giving of a gift, even a re-gift, is always a treasure of the heart. There can be no greater gift than a piece of our heart.
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