Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Labor Pains

I don't really know what to write today. I have many thoughts but they do not seem to really go anywhere. Each thought gives me some measure of unease, and I sometimes wonder what God is doing in all those areas of my life.

I liken these uneasy moments to labor and childbirth. I know that may sound odd, but they do come in waves like labor pains. It is nice when they ease off a little, and I get a rest from the struggle of whatever is coming. There is expectation but also a sense of loss. Whatever Gods' plan is for my future, I know that I will labor to believe in the fulness of his plan and my part in it. The end result will be something new and because God is in on it, there will be life!

Okay, so I'm being somewhat cryptic in this writing. It is not my intent to be secretive, but I really don't know all that is going on or what God has in mind. I only know that I have mixed emotions and uncertainty in what direction to go. The only thing I trust is Gods' goodness, His love, His faithfulness and His life living in me!

At this time in my life I am looking for signs of God working around me. He is everywhere and He is wanting me to join Him each day. As I do, I will move forward with Him.
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