Monday, February 2, 2009

God's Gift of Me

Sunday at church this question was posed: What is in me for God? It was a question that I think we all may ask at some point.

When we contemplate God's greatness, His immense being, what could we possibly have inside of us that we could give God? The answer begins and ends with God. If it didn't then He would not be God at all!

God wanted us to be able to give Him something. He knew that we would desire to offer Him something in return for the many blessings He has given us. In His great wisdom He gave each of us a unique blend of talents, personality, ability, passions, gifts, and experiences. Within the combination of these, we find a treasure that we can offer God.

Finding our gift for God is a lifelong quest. The gift is not meant to be given one time, but over our lifetime! Yes, I am still searching for all I can give Him! He has worked miracles in me and around me and He deserves my best! When I meet with Him in heaven I pray He will be pleased with what I offer Him.
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