Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am a jealous woman! I have friends who are dear to me, but I would love to have some friends I could really let loose with!

I'm thinking of the friends in the movie Mama Mia! They not only were available with a shoulder to cry on, but they also did funny things with each other, laughed and let loose with fun! I have the caring friends I can call on for most any emergency. I've been praying for the let loose kind of friends.

The problem with this whole matter is that most people don't know that I want to let loose! Most people see me as serious and "deep!" Well, I am that , but I also like to clown around a bit and it might take a friend to really help me to explore that side of me.

I am keeping my eyes open and I am waiting for that fun friend to come along and share life with a bit of flare! Could you be that friend for me or someone else you know?
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