Thursday, February 26, 2009

Broken Lives

From the outside looking in we can mistakenly think that our neighbors or friends have it "All together. " We are not witnesses to everyones' heartache, trials and struggles. We perceive their lives as a finished puzzle with every piece in its proper place.

Do they see us the same way? Undoubtedly! Even if we share our failures they look longingly at the way we have handled them. We, too, have perpetuated the myth by embellishing the stories to show ourselves in the best light.

God sees the truth. He sees our hearts. He sees us in our darkest places. He sees broken lives and He offers Himself to bring healing.

It is to Him that our Lenten meditations should turn. Our healing and restoration depends on Him, not on ourselves. Once we begin the walk of faith we can lead others into the healing place.

My prayer today is that my brokenness will be transparent to others and My Lord Jesus will be revealed as my healer and restorer.
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