Monday, February 16, 2009


I believe that every person has some creativity hidden within his/her makeup. Yes, I do think it is found in every person.

Creativity need not be limited to the arts or literature. It should include any new thought (or old) that is expressed in a new and unique way. Yes, there are those who seem to think in new ways naturally. I have seen people who say they have no creativity use their own abilities to complete a task or present an idea in an unusual way. It comes to mind those who build the buildings that the artist has drawn. Without the builders the architect only has a lovely picture. We need the creation of all . Creativity lives in us because our maker is a creator! We are made to be like Him. We create because He creates.

Our creativity does have limits but His does not! The Creator created the universe and stepped back to see its wonder and beauty and called it good because it came from Him who is good! I share that same delight when I join Him in creating something beautiful or meaningful.

I would like to see all people acknowledge their creative sense. I want to see everyone use the gifts within them, not for their own pleasure only, but for the delight and good of all! It is good for us to join our Creator in creating
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