Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wrong Thinking

Thoughts direct our actions. I am discovering how true this really is.

When I constantly think about myself and even speak only of my point of view or how the situation affects me, I experience a snowball of emotions that grow into an ice cold selfish me-centered person. I don't like myself much when that happens.

The opposite is also true. When my thoughts are turned to God I am aware of others around me. I am merciful and kind. I glow with God's glory shining through me. It is Christ who lives in me. Others experience my warmth and are drawn to me so that I am able to point them to the Goodness of God and His love for them.

Dying to self is a process where we stop feeding selfish me-centered thoughts. It is not a one time decision, though I wish it were. I must continually take each though as it comes along into the captivity of Christ. It is hard work, and as I grow in doing this I hope it will become second nature, like hearing the voice of the Lord.

I don't like dying, but I am excitedly eager to experience life as it was meant to be lived: in the center of The Great I Am!
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