Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love List

I received an email with Love List questions. It was fun and challenging to think about the answers I had. What foods do I love, to what do I love most about myself were the types of questions I pondered.

I think the whole idea of loving things versus people was the point the author tried to make. The list included more questions about the things we say we LOVE than it did about the people we love. Interesting that we even say we love this food or that kind of car. In all of that sort of thinking don't we belittle the truth of what love is and what God Himself meant it to be? Maybe, and maybe not.

God is love. I believe this is true, not only because God's word says it is true but also because I have experienced Him as love. He is the reason we experience love in the world and our relationships.

Researching the word LOVE has given me some insight into why we would love our food or our house or other material possessions. It seems that people have used the word LOVE to say that the person or thing that we love gives us pleasure. We give worth, affection and acceptance to that which we love, but we withhold our favor if they do not give us pleasure.

We are so unlike God in that way! He loved us even when were were still turned against Him. Because He is LOVE He could do nothing other than love us. We, on the other hand, have a choice. We are not forced into love when that is not who we are. We can choose to love or hate.

To choose love is to choose God. Choosing love is not always easy for us fallen creatures. We struggle to make the right choice, but when we do, it is a God experience. The choice is ours. Gods' love is always available if we choose to live a life of love.
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