Friday, February 27, 2009


Selfishness is a cruel dictator over my life. It demands constant attention and the awareness of my comfort and my desires. Escaping from its dungeon is near impossible without supernatural powers from a greater King.

The newborn is totally self-centered. Life revolves around his needs and wants. Maturity is part of the process of being released from egos' stranglehold. We must learn to wait, be denied, share and even tell ourselves "No." Though this process is a moving away from self as the center, the completion of the process cannot happen without another person or Deity to be set up as the central focus of our lives.

No human could fill the center of my life because all fall short of perfection. There are man -made gods or fallen angels that exert their control whenever possible, but they, too, are imperfect. There is only One who could and should be centered in our lives.

I, myself, cannot choose wisely for my life in every circumstance. I do not have all-knowing capabilities and certainly cannot control everything that influences my life. Because of this it is imperative that I give someone else the central position in my life. My maturity relies on the right choice of whom it shall be.

God, the Father and Creator of all things is my choice. He alone knows, loves and gives out of wisdom and goodness. He alone has proven His right to be the center of each life. He has humbled Himself and voluntarily became less so that we could be more. It is only right that we now become less so that He can become more!

My prayer today is that He will increase in me and that I will decrease.
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