Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today I was part of a slightly heated discussion with five other women. The subject matter of the discussion is not the topic here today, but may someday find its way to these pages. Today I am interested in what Gods' perspective was as He listened in to our discourse.

In my humble opinion, the discussion was possibly a misunderstanding between parties. It possibly could be that both sides were either correct, wrong, or only partially so. From my viewpoint the subject was not brought to an agreed upon closure. It left much to be answered and so I have spent a better part of my morning asking God to give me His perspective.

He has not answered completely and so I must wait, and search His word for the answer. I do have a sense that His view of the whole matter was not my view, nor the others'. He will use it to teach and guide each of us and I am ready to listen!

Perspective can be a learning tool if we choose to see the other side. That includes God's side as well as the other persons' side. I am ready to learn. What is God thinking about my thoughts? good question!
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