Monday, April 13, 2009

Be Like Christ

Often overlooked words in the scripture can sometimes surprise me by their power and timeliness. Such was the case today as I read Phillipians 2:1.

It seems to be saying that in Christ we have encouragement, comfort from His love, a participation in the Spirit, and affection and sympathy. I had a need for all of these but did not find them with friends. I found them in the word and sat there reading and rereading these precious words of encouragement, comfort, love, Spirit and sympathy. Like I've said many times before, my greatest joy comes from hearing His voice!

It is His whispered words that bring me back into peace and joy when friends fail me. It is okay, because He will always come through and be what I need. The question is, why do I even seek from others what He already gives?

Lord, God of encouragement and comfort, be glorified in me as You are lifted up far above all others. You are Lord and You are high and lifted up! no one can match You in filling my every need! I want to always remember You first.
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