Saturday, April 11, 2009


Have you ever wondered what the most difficult part of Christs' sacrifice was for Him? Was it the betrayal? Could it have been the pain of his body being tortured? Maybe it was Peters' denial, the weight of sin or facing death. Whatever it was for Him it must have taken much courage to finish what He began when Gabriel announced to Mary that He was to born from her womb.

Courage. We see courage in a soldier defending his homeland or family from harm. There is courage in hospitals on both sides of the sick bed. It takes courage for a parent to say "No" when they know it will hurt their child, but it will also be for their good. Courage is within us when we fight the battle against evil or oppression and abuse. It may be all around us and we fail to see the courage of those with which we work or go to church. Courage always comes hand in hand with fear.

Courage also lives with integrity and conviction. Without its companions what we see as courage is only rage at the fear we face.

Almighty God and Father, You are courageous and bold in the face of our enemy. You stand firm without wavering at his attempts to break Your children. There is no hope for victory without You!

I have experienced courage this week. Not the courage of Jesus facing the cross but certainly given to me through the power of the cross. Facing a fear and standing firm knowing that God alone will deliver me and bring me through is strength to my soul. Like a powerful weapon, courage because of Jesus and His promises, slays the fear and puts to rest the doubts that stand in my way! Thank You Lord for the courage to face the cross and the courage You placed in me!
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