Saturday, April 4, 2009

To all Blogger Friends

I must let you all know that I am trying to make comments on your blogs. Either it is my computer, the connection, or the website makes no difference. I have written and pushed the submit button only to find that all has been lost and my voice of agreement or encouragement has not been heard by you.

Now, there have been a few that have been posted, but I think the majority have been lost in the inner space of my computer brain. I will keep trying. I thought it would be nice to know that your words are heard and I do care enough to respond, or at least try to!

Father, Your children have much to say to each other but sometimes communications fail us and we feel so alone in our thoughts. Help us to be like You, full of patience and kindness, forgiving the times when we don't hear what we want to hear. Teach us to listen to Your voice and be satisfied with the whisper in our ear that You are pleased with our efforts. Bless my fellow bloggers and let the true words they write be sent far across the globe for Your glory!
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