Friday, April 3, 2009

In a Minute

We all know that our lives can change in just one minute. Accidents, diagnosis of a serious illness, a relationship broken. These examples all seem to be circumstance driven. What about the changes we can make by our choice? It only takes a minute.

Have you ever heard of the "Would you rather..." game? You ask each person questions like would you rather be a fish or swing on a star? The person answering must be truthful for this to be an insightful game. In playing this game I think of questions that look down the future and ask things like, "Would you rather be a martyr for your beliefs or be carried away in the rapture?" It is quite obvious what most of us would choose, but do we really understand that a relationship with God gives God the right to interrupt our plans any time He wishes?

The one moment of God speaks to us, directing us down a certain path He has planned, could be a defining moment in our lives. Whatever the path, we can be certain it will be an adventure beyond our imagination if we embrace it fully. God does want the very best for us. We can trust Him. Our job is to respond and follow Him down the path marked with our name written in His blood!

Eternal God, who is timeless and all knowing, each of my minutes are in Your hand when I choose to allow You to be my Lord. Teach me to number my minutes as well as my days so that i might live a life fully in Your presence!
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