Thursday, April 16, 2009

Loving God

I know God loves me! He gave me life through His sons' death. He speaks to me, and is always with me. He shows His love for me every day. Wherever I turn there is a reminder that He loves and cares for me, wanting the best for me.

I read his word, see creation, fellowship with His people, see His changing power work in me and in others through me and I know He loves me. Even in the tough times I do not doubt his love. Even as I wonder what good can come from this trial, I cannot question His goodness and His care. He deserves my love. He loves me fully even when I didn't love Him or when I fail to love Him as I should.

How do I love Him? I choose His life! I listen to His voice. I remain close to Him and believe in who He is and what He has done for me. I obey Him and follow in His footsteps of service and sacrifice. Yes, I am not perfect at loving Him but these are my goals.

Father God, Lover of all and Giver of life, I love You! I love You for all that You are and for all that You are making me to be. My love is imperfect, but I give all. Like the old Gaither song says: All that I am and all that I am not I give to You! (sorry if this is misquoted). You deserve my very best!
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