Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shining Lights

The world is full of darkness. There are wars, rumors of wars. We are in the midst of so much evil perpetrated on the innocent. The earth groans with eruptions, quakes, firestorms, and floods. In the middle of it all God wants us, His children, to shine like stars!

I love to look up into the night sky and see the brilliance of the stars against the dark and seemingly endless sky. The stars are the place where our eyes rest. They bring light to the shadows and chase away the overwhelming cover of night. How can we be like the stars?

To be like the stars, to be the light the world needs in these dark times, we must do what we need to do without grumbling or questioning. Our light comes from obedience to our Father in Heaven, the obedience that is wholehearted and does not complain.

Right now, for me, that obedience is to let go unbegrudgingly. Letting go of things close to my heart that must be let loose so that I can do what God has said for me to do. tough assignment, but I already feel the light shine through me and lift me up.

Lord, God, Maker of the stars and the heavens, I join with Your creation in being a light for the dark world. It is Your light that shines through me! It is You who lifts me up! You are the fulfillment of my destiny!
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