Friday, April 17, 2009


I am limited. As I get older I have more and more physical limitations. UGH. Not a pleasant thought. I am not a genius in any capacity or specific area, so my thoughts are limited to my own understanding. I guess that means I have a lot of questions and few answers. I am even limited in my emotions. Now this one seems not to be true on the surface because I seem to have plenty of emotions! But, the truth is that I do have limits on my ability to empathize with others or to feel the feelings of others.

Most of all I am limited in my love. My love is shallow at times and even selfish. It does not live up to the God standard of love. Gods' love is all encompassing, complete, whole and good. It is without thoughts of selfish ambition or desire. Gods' love is a giving of Himself entirely. Though I am called to do the same I cannot say that I have reached that perfection. I have not given of myself entirely. I limit my self-giving, holding back a part of me for me!

Maybe it is in my limits that God must enter and fill with His unfailing love. Love is bound to faith and hope so that it can be more than we can give. Without faith it is impossible. All things are possible to them that believe. I can love as God loves because I believe in His love!

God of love, you have given all for my sake. You have chosen to love above all else and You fill me with Your love so that my love can be complete. Set me free from the limits of earthbound love. Flood my being with your limitless love!
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