Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cleaning House

Jesus spent one of His last days before His death cleaning house. It wasn't even His house technically. It was His Fathers' house. I am not certain I would be doing that as one of my last acts but He thought it very important.

After His night in Bethany Jesus traveled to the Temple in Jerusalem and saw the mess that was there. He took authjority over it and demanded that the mess be cleaned up before He died. He was one with the Father in setting right the purpose of the Temple.

There soon would be no need for further sacrifices. He would be the sacrifice. Soon the Temple would be moved into the hearts of His followers. He would send His Holy Spirit to live in them.

As I read these words I am aware that this is an act of a condemned man. He would soon take on all our sins, be tortured and die so that not only His Fathers' house could be clean but each of us could be made clean.

Father, You wanted Your house to be a house of prayer. Certainly Jesus also wants His Holy Spirit dwellings to be houses of prayer. You have cleansed us, You have made us holy and You have done it all with passion, authority, determination and love. You deserve my cooperation. May I always welcome Your cleansing.
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