Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Different Night

"Why is this night different from all other nights of the year?" This is the question asked in Jewish homes at the beginning of the Seder meal. It seems an appropriate way to begin our time of remembrance of the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross and His resurrection from the dead.

The Passover celebration that marked Jesus' death was different from other Passovers' because the fulfillment of it was complete in Him. Jesus offered us the cup of blessing, the cup of deliverance, the cup of redemption, and the cup of acceptance through His shed blood.

The traditional matzohs, lamb, a roasted egg, along with bitter herbs are fulfilled in Jesus being the bread of life broken for us, the lamb of God, a peace offering, and the bitterness of our sins.

Jesus is why the Passover is different now. It not only reminds us of the freedom of the Israelite's from the slavery of Egypt, but also every mans freedom from sin if He would receive Jesus' offering.

When the disciple asked the question why this night was different, they did not fully understand the duel meaning in all Jesus did. Do we?

Father, as You watched Your Son share the Passover with His disciples, You were there making the final preparations for the complete fulfillment of the Passover for all men. Just as Abraham suffered at the thought of offering His son on Mt. Moriah, You suffered at offering Your Son. Your love for us (for me) made this night the most different of any nights in all of history. Your love bled over my sins and passed over my guilt so I could be resurrected with Jesus and live forever in Your presence!

My heart is broken for my sin, full of gratitude for the giving of Your Son, and rejoicing over the new life I live in You!
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