Monday, April 6, 2009

A Week to Live

What would you do if you had only a week to live?

In the gospel of Mark we are told that Jesus came to Jerusalem knowing He would die. He was celebrated as He rode in and went to the Temple. He simply looked around and then left to go to Bethany with His twelve closest friends.

The next day He left Bethany to return to Jerusalem and stopped at a fig tree because He was hungry. Because there were no fruit on the tree He cursed it.

This story seems so insignificant for someone who is about to die, but in Gods' way I am certain that this act was done with great emotion and authority. Jesus was in control of the situation. He had the power to make figs appear, but He didn't. Within this simple story can we see Jesus revealing a truth that He expects us to be what we were created to be, and to bear fruit in being? He was not pleased that His beloved creation was bound by sin. Sin had made a great divide between the creation and the creator.

Revelation 22:2-3 tells us that in the new Jerusalem the trees will bear fruit each month. Could it be that Jesus saw the real purpose for the fig tree? Did He look past this week and long for the fruit that would be available to Him whenever He wished?

When we enter Gods' Kingdom through baptism, we should begin to bear fruit that never goes through a season. So, shall we repent from saying that we are just going through a season? I think so. In heavens' economy our fruitfulness is eternal, not seasonal.

Father , You are the vine dresser. You prune and cut away that which does not bear fruit. You see potential in each of us, and yet we fail You. It hurts to be pruned, Lord, but You do it all in love and with great care for our best. I offer up my fruit for Your enjoyment.
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