Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Did you shout praises to God today? Did you rejoice in His greatness and triumph? What will you do tomorrow?

Yes, tomorrow comes and the routine falls back into place for most of us. We seldom take time to sing Gods' praises or even whisper an alleluia throughout the day.

My friend Will is stricken with MS. It has affected his vocal cords and so he is unable to9 speak much, but the words he uses are praise to God. He does not waste his precious few words in complaint, questions or idle chatter. He simply says "Alleluia"

I am convicted that many of my words could be seen by the Most High God as fruitless and even harmful. Today I did shout my praises like the people shouted out "Alleluias" to Jesus as He entered Jerusalem. Tomorrow I must not forget who He is or I may find myself following the crowd to Golgatha shouting "Crucify Him!" Everyday must be focused on Jesus' Kingship over my life.

Most High God, Your praises are to be shouted every day. You alone deserves the constant adoration from my lips. Let it be so!
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