Monday, April 27, 2009

Work & Worth

I sit here wondering how to speak out without sounding like I am complaining or even trying to defend some of us. I don't want to set anyone above another but I do want to express something I have thought about frequently.

The subject has to do with work and worth. One of the questions most commonly asked when meeting someone for the first time is "What do you do?" It may be phrased , "Where do you work?" The two questions are meant to be a barometer of where you stand on a scale of how important you are or what you are worth to the person asking. For me this has always been an uncomfortable question.

I have felt uncomfortable telling others I've been a stay at home Mom and now a stay at home Grandma. Oh, I know people make grand statements about the importance of Mothers' work but in reality after that bit of information gets leaked, there is little else others will talk to you about. It does not matter how well versed you are in another subject besides diapers, school functions or shopping at the grocery store. If you are not bringing home a pay check there is not much worth placed on you as an interesting person. I hope I am an isolated case, but I tend to think this happens across the board.

Okay, so the perception is that some people have greater value than others just by reason of their work status and ability to make money. I see this happen with those who are unemployed right now. They even think less of themselves because of the difficulty they are having getting work that pays. What is the truth?

The truth is that our worth comes from our Creator. He decides our worth and His word says that He is no respecter of persons! Could it be true that my little income for taking care of my grandchildren and selling my poetry, cards and being a speaker has no influence on Gods' view of me?

My work is an eternal work. My Grandchildren are hearing Gods' word through me every day. My writing is meant to convey Gods' truths and hopefully inspire and impress others to seek a deeper relationship with their Creator. I do not make a huge salary and I suppose I should be more concerned about that, but I cannot devalue myself because of my lower status on the economic grid.

Father, I am deeply grateful for Your love and pride that You take in my work. I thank You for providing all things that I need and most of what I want! You give me purpose and I rejoice in knowing that You value me though I am not worthy of it.
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