Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

How do losers win elections?

Why is it that my long list of faults makes me more grateful to God and more loving to my neighbor?

Isn't "living sacrifice" an oxymoron?

Why do we fight sleep?

Will we ever know and see all the shades of green, red, blue, orange, yellow and purple that God created?

Why do I love Jesus? Is it only for what He has done for me? Is that not a shallow love? When do I start loving Him just for who He is? Will it take a tragedy in my life to find that kind of love for Him?

Just wondering!

Lord, I wonder about many things and I thank You for answering some of my questions. I am equally thankful that You keep some answers to Yourself. It is then that I pursue You deeper! Besides I know that You do all things good. I don't need answers. I need You!
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