Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Golden Moments

I do not agree that silence is golden. It can be said, however, that silence can be golden. The difference is that there are times when silence is a killer of relationships more than a golden moment.

My wonderful husband and I have been married for 35 and a half years. I like to ask him questions. He likes to sit in the silence. If I never pressed him with questions, our relationship would be trying to survive on the information we knew of one another back when we said, "I do."

Is it possible that some of us married couples forget how mysterious and intricate our partner is? Experiences change our way of thinking, acting and beliefs. It is because Patrick is a deep well of feelings, experiences, beliefs and thoughts that I go exploring and find surprising treasures along the way! I would like to someday be surprised with his explorations into my thoughts and feelings too.

You might wonder where to get good questions. Well, if I come across something during my day I wonder how my beloved might see it so I ask. We happened to watch one of Dr. Phil's shows about premarital counselling. There were some good questions there. I printed them off and plan to take them on date nights, trips and have them handy for an intimate moment.

When my love opens his heart and thoughts to me I am delighted to receive those golden moments as gifts of love. I have a store room full and intend to keep adding to my treasure as time goes by.

God of Love and Giver of all good gifts, You have made each of us a treasure chest of wonder and amazement! You made us to fellowship and rejoice in the discovery of one another. What joy that brings to my soul! You are the One I find when I look into the heart of my beloved and see Your love working to make Him more like You! Thank You!
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