Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love Learning

Learning is a lifetime chore or habit depending on how we look at it. Each day we are given an assignment in life and it is our responsibility to learn from what takes place. It is not always easy.

Watching my grandson learn to walk and talk, or my granddaughters to learn their math facts, is an expression of learning life's lessons of character, relationships and love. Sometimes it is trial by error. Other times it is just stick to it and be creative in how to make it work. And then there are the times when we just need to put our heart and mind into it, learn the lesson and move on!

Some of our lessons, like math, come in steps of harder challenges as time goes on. In math we learn the numbers, then adding and subtracting . We then move on to multiplication and division before we can ever understand algebra and trigonometry. Come to think of it, almost all lessons come packaged this way. Generosity is learned in steps of sharing our toys before we can come to the place of giving out of our own need.

One of my greatest gifts received from my parents was to learn to love learning! I have been determined to teach my children that same lesson and hope that it will be passed on to many generations. To love learning is to love living. It is an abundance of life we will receive when we embrace the lessons of each day and fill our hearts with gratitude for the adventure of the new experience.

My question in my March 30, 2009 blog is married to this one : Am I Teachable? You might want to check it out.

Thank You, Teacher God, for giving me lessons to learn and making it an exciting journey! You surprise me each day with something new! It makes life interesting and enjoyable! You are a grand master at teaching! You make even my failures a lesson to learn, a lesson in learning! I want to live every day seeing my experiences as assignments from You so that I can learn about life and life abundantly!
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